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Trip to Blue Lagoon Island Dolphins
DolphinsBlue Lagoon Island
Trip back Blue Lagoon Island Dolphins
Lobby Wyndham Resort, Nassau
Atlantis, Nassau
Making The Clip
Pool Shots
Warm Welcome By Peter Nygard
Nygard Cay
Nygard Disco

Outdoor-Shots At Nygard Cay

The Grand Final

Nygard Cay 2nd Night

Miss Intercontinental 2006

The trip to Paradise Island and the dolphins, dinner at the "Atalantis" and dancin' in the night...

Some takes from the MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2006 Beauty Pageant at the Bahamas. Including Natalie Ackermann, Emmarys Pinto, Natalia Guimaraes and Katarina Manova.

Miss Intercontinental 2006, 08.-15.10.2006 Nassau, BAHAMAS by WBO WORLD BEAUTY ORGANIZATION

NASSAU / BAHAMAS - Katrina Manova, a 20 year old local model and a student of economy, was just elected as new Miss Intercontinental 2006 prevailing over 45 worldwide delegates. Miss Puerto Rico, model and actress, Vanessa Claudio was elected as the 1st finalist and Miss Martinique, Sarasvali Luthbert, as 2nd runner up.

Miss Philipines, Miss Korea, Miss Brazil, Miss Thailand, Miss Bahamas, Miss Venezuela and Miss Mongolia were the resulting semifinalist.
The show took place in the sold out tropical Rainforrest Thatre of the Wyndham Crytsal Palace and Casino Resort Hotel under the umbrella of the Ministry of Tourism of the Bahamas and the Cable Beach resort Hotels.

The winner will face a wonderful year in Germany under the Management of WBO Europe.

Miss Intercontinental 2007 is under preperation and will be announced soon.

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